Be Heard in Podcasting

Writing is something that many of us love to do, but your voice can be heard through podcasting. When you write an article, you can also share it with a podcast. Hearing yourself, you might not like the way you sound, but that does not mean that listeners won’t like you. Read more..


Learn About Amanda Solis_Selena Impersonator

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Photo Credit: Amanda Solis

Amanda Solis is someone I am just beginning to find out about. Blown away at her talent, I decided to create a blog about her at I was looking for impersonators and came across by accident, Amanda. If it had not been for her YouTube channel, I probably would have never found out about her. Amanda had a striking resemblance to Selena Quintanilla. Not only that, but she has a voice that sounds close to Selena’s when she sings, laughs, and talk. Amanda’s mother also looked like Selena who passed away, and to tell you the truth, she looks more like Selena than she does. When Amanda saw Selena, she was very surprised at how much she looked like her mother. It inspired her. Now she has a career of her own, and she is also doing a Selena tribute traveling from place to place singing live. Find out more about Selena at her website: and see her at Instagram

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