Blue Malt Liquor

Do you remember the old Malt Liquor Bull Commercials? I remember the commercials featuring Kool & the Gang. They were in 3 of the Bull commercials. One with the Platters, and another one with the Four Tops, and one with the Spinners. Every time they said Bull, the bull would bust through the wall and come after you.  …,

Ghost Boogie

Ghost Boogie: It’s about time DJ Flip released me. Well, he done left the station. He left the records playing. Flip must don’t know that I’m in the stack. Scared of the boogity boo. All that superstitious stuff, but it ain’t superstitious that he has seen me. (Music)

I’m gonna stop the music a minute. DJ Flip don’t like this record label, Ghost Boogie Records. See, I’m that ghost, and when I get played, people don’t stop dancing. Ain’t nothing wrong with dancing. Flip grew up with folks telling him the boogie man waould get him if he didn’t sit down. He was dancing too much. What flip don’t know is that I’m a gold record, and when he’s got me, he’s got power. While the world is dancing, he could rob a liquor store, and nobody would never know it. ……….

Monetize Your Podcast

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Joe-Joe Cola and Miss Carrie’s Perm

Podcasting can be quite fun when you have the time to write, be the actor, play the music, and whatever it is that you need to do. I’m working on a podcast called The Tale of DJ Flip. DJ Flip puts community people and musicians on the air. He has talk radio and music. I started the podcast back in 2018. My first character was an old lady named Miss Grady. When I told my co-workers the story of her, they liked the story and thought I should keep going with the podcast. I am trying to build an audience for the podcast, and it’s not always easy. Facebook and Twitter is not always the place to share your work. You need to go where you know people are interested in the kind of thing you do. Your blog may not always be the spot for it, but you try out different places in social media, and sometimes that’s a job right by itself.

Today I am working on another story titled Joe-Joe Cola and Miss Carrie’s Perm. You can click on the link to listen. It’s a bout a lady that tried Joe-Joe’s new coke and felt her head burning with a perm in her hair. She accuses Joe-Joe’s coke and thinks that it is his fault. The lady’s name is Miss Carrie and she wants to sue Joe-Joe.

Earth, Wind and Fire – September

Photo credit: Chris Hakkens

Do you remember Earth Wind and Fire – September? Never was a cloudy day. I’m Gail Nobles and you’re listening to the Cat Bear. Today’s topic is Earth Wind and Fire’s hit single of 1978 September. Clap your hands! Clap your hands! You’re listening to the podcast sound of the Cat Bear! It’s Earth Wind and Fire Time. No matter what month I hear their song on the radio. It puts me in the mood for September. A beautiful September! Listen for more ….


Hello! I’m starting another podcast called The BUZZ. It is a fiction radio story about a disc jockey. You are welcome to listen. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. If you listen and don’t like it, that’s fine. It is a story that I am just starting. It’s fun to make podcast and then able to go back and hear yourself. Especially when you are making characters.

I encourage bloggers to podcast and blog. Give it a try and see how you like it. You can podcast about your favorite restaurant, book, or movie as long as it is your work. There are works you can use under Creative Commons license and music if you need something to help your podcast. There are sites where you can download free photos. If you can get your own, that’s even better.

Playing MJ’s Thriller Every Halloween

That’s my podcast theme for today, and today’s topic is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Michael Jackson’s song Thriller was produced by Quincey Jones, and of course, first released on Jackson’s album Thriller on Nov. 30, 1982. Thriller won a Grammy Award. It is often cited as a pop culture phenomenon and a Halloween anthem. It was his album’s seventh top ten single on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 4. 

I thought I would never see Michael Jackson’s video Thriller when I first came out because everything was aired on cable TV that seemed new and exciting. Luckily my grandfather had cable, and at the family gathered together to watch Thriller. It was kind of scary seeing Michael Jackson gradually change into a werewolf. But it was very entertaining and enjoyable. I had never seen a music video like Michael Jackson’s Thriller before. It was considered a mini movie and the longest music video I had ever seen made. 

Every Halloween, it seems Michael Jackson’s song Thriller is heard on the radio and comes to mind. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to the Cat Bear. Here’s the podcast theme titled, “Playing Michael Jackson’s Thriller Every Halloween” by Gail Nobles © 2020……