WordPress.com Users Should be Allowed to Use Ads

It is because of Windows Live that I am using WordPress.com.  The blog that I was using with them changed to WordPress.com. I think a bad choice was made. People like to earn cash for what they do. It’s silly that we can use ads on WordPress.org, but we cannot use ads on WordPress.com. Why did Windows Live choose WordPress.com?

WordPress is a little more difficult than Blogger. Blogger is easier to use and manage. You don’t have to worry about downloading anything. You just set up an account and you’re on Blogger. You can easily add some ads by copying codes into your side bar. With WordPress, you have to download a zip file to use it’s blog, and I don’t understand how to get it to work after the download. I tried to download WordPress.org. WordPress is not exactly what I had in mind.


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