The Political Ali

The Political Ali
Artwork by Gail: From Public Domain Photo by Ira Rosenberg.

There has already been a movie made about Muhammad Ali. Will Smith played as him, but there was so much more to Muhammad Ali than boxing. I think a movie should be made about the political Ali and his religion.

Mr. Ali was influenced by the man he called the honorable Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad Ali spoke great things, and things that made a lot of sense regardless of his joking around in boxing. I think a movie should be made focusing on his great speeches and other things that he may have done that some of us may not know about. A movie should be made about Muhammad Ali Islam days with Malcom X and Elijah Muhammad.

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Superman Remake the Last Knight


The Adventures of Superman was a television series starring George Reeves in 1952. I don’t remember seeing Superman fighting against a lot of foes as strong as he was. I saw some of the episodes from the series in the 1970’s. The television series was still great to watch though Superman didn’t have foes with his strength.

There is one episode from the season 6 DVD that I thought would be a great remake for the big screen. The episode is titled, “The Last Knight”. It is the TV episode from 1958 and in color. In this episode, Superman was flying wearing armor. He was dressed as a knight. Clark Kent did not appear to be worried about the secret society knights. They were the bad guys who were four rich men dressed as knights. I’m sure Clark Kent as Superman would have been worried to know that Lois Lane was captured by them in a remake. He would rescue her in a hurry. The story would probably be altogether different and maybe more fascinating. The story would be more exciting.

In the TV series, Lois Lane, Jimmy, and some of the knights were locked up in a dungeon with Superman dressed in his armor disguise. They were locked up by one knight that was a killer. And of course you know Superman won the battle.

Superman looked great in the 1950’s as a flying knight. If Superman looked great in the 1950’s as a flying knight, I’m sure the new Superman would too.

JD Hall the Music Man

JD Hall gives tribute to the soul, funk, and disco singing Barry White. He performs all of Barry’s most popular songs with his Barry White Symphony Orchestra.According to his bio, JD Hall was born and raised in Venice, California. He has been singing and performing since he was 12 years old performing with artist like Jackie Wilson and Mary Wells. Known for his 1980’s disco hits #1 Lover and Wonder Woman, JD continues to perform these songs for thousands of loyal fans.

Learn About Amanda Solis_Selena Impersonator

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Photo Credit: Amanda Solis

Amanda Solis is someone I am just beginning to find out about. Blown away at her talent, I decided to create a blog about her at I was looking for impersonators and came across by accident, Amanda. If it had not been for her YouTube channel, I probably would have never found out about her. Amanda had a striking resemblance to Selena Quintanilla. Not only that, but she has a voice that sounds close to Selena’s when she sings, laughs, and talk. Amanda’s mother also looked like Selena who passed away, and to tell you the truth, she looks more like Selena than she does. When Amanda saw Selena, she was very surprised at how much she looked like her mother. It inspired her. Now she has a career of her own, and she is also doing a Selena tribute traveling from place to place singing live. Find out more about Selena at her website: and see her at Instagram

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