Audio Share Links

Hd Video Hand Held Recorder
You can make great HD videos with the Zoom Q3HD recorder. High-definition videos can be made right in your hand.
Myspace Music
You can share your favorite songs with Myspace music. The player is awesome.
New Talent Online
There is new talent online. You can find Tamara J and Chameleon with fantastic music.
What Happened to The Music Group, The Jets?
The Jets are a family band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were a group that was very popular in the 80’s singing hits like Curiosity, Crush on You, and You Got It All.
Life Goes on by Hip Hop Songwriter Kendrick Jackson
Kendrick Jackson wrote a strong hip hop song at back in 2007. The name of the song is, “Life Goes On”. He has a style like Coolio.
A Google Audio Translator
Not everyone on Twitter writes English. It’s good we have a Google Translate. A Google audio translator wouldn’t be too bad either.
Michael Jackson and Akon-hold My Hand
Michael Jackson has a new song with Akon titled, “Hold My Hand”. It is a very nice song.
Lately, I have been wondering if there will be another rising star after Selena Quintanilla, and I don’t think there is a such thing. However in my search of the Internet, the name Thalia popped up out of no where.


New Ideas

Tired of Online Banks Locking Passwords

I have had my password unlocked a million times back to back. I’m through checking into my online bank account……

If Filing Income Taxes Could be a Thing of The Past

Filing income taxes is a burden to some people. If filing income taxes could disappear out of our lives that would give me more room in my filing cabinet…..

Dust Catcher – Never Have to Dust Again

Wouldn’t it be so great if you never had to dust again?
Using a dust catcher would be so helpful to many……

Fast Food Restaurants are Needed for The Country

Some people live so far away from town or the city where all of the fast food restaurants are located…..